The Ultimate Non-Cheesy (and Somewhat Feminist) Valentine Gift Guide

February 02, 2018

Yes, we know you've heard it before: Everyday is Valentine's Day. Yadda yadda yadda.

As you can see, we're not one for cheesy things (unless they're actual edible things dipped in cheese), however wedolove celebrations. And we're super grateful that there exists a day in the year when we can celebrate love, loud and proud, and share it with absolutely everyone.

So this Valentine's Day, whether you’re single-by-choice, happily married, or even miserably lonely, our distilled guide is the perfect go-to for all your gifting persuasions. Happy loving, and don’t forget to give yourself a giant hug!

  • 1. For the soul searcher: an intention journal

  • Anthropologie - Book stationary
    Gardens of the Sun - Intention journal

    “Don’t write at first for anyone but yourself,” said the eloquent TS Eliot. Connect the dots to lines, words to sentences, and write the story of your life. Whether you’re a visual journaler, writer, or love putting together a collage, give the gift that keeps on giving with these elegantly designed notebooks, ready to record your stories. Get lost in the pages and before you know it, you’ll blossom into the best version of yourself, from head to heart to hand, to page.

    2. For the confident creative: Frances Cannon's artwork or poetry

    Ladies, meetFrances Cannon. She's a multidisciplinary artist whose work mostly focuses on the body and the psyche. All minimalist lines and maximum impact, her drawings are nothing short of inspiring, illustrating what it's like being a real girl in the real world. Her narratives?Body-love and body-loathing, anxiety, relationships, sex and sexuality, gender, and yes, bodily functions.

    You can commission atattoo, ordera work of art, or, like we have, pre-order her poetry book, titled 'I Hope You're Having Trouble Sleeping'. Mm-hmm. No one does fierce curves better than Frances.

    3. For the conscious consumer: Package Free Shop goodies

    Package Free

    Lather up onthis tea tree charcoal facial bar soap and feel the tingly sensation of ethical living. Sold at New York-based Package Free shop, this organic soap is handcrafted and hand-wrapped like an exquisite culinary meal. But bathroom products aren’t the only highlights from their store. Browse through Package Free’s products and you’ll find items ranging from food containers to menstruation cups. Driven by the Zero Waste philosophy, Lauren Singer simply wants to help people steer away from a wasteful life. That means she and her team curate organic products that we use daily – from bathrobes to tote bags – that won’t turn into waste at the end of its shelf life.

    4. For the bohemian dreamer: Lisa Junius' Sleeping Girl Ringdish

    An artisan ceramic set might make you feel like a lady, but this nude-woman-tucked-in-an-indigo-sky ringdish is one that begs you to look, reflect, and treasure. Who do you see on there? The artist Lisa Junius combines cosmology and femininity, deriving energy from the night sky and the universe, and painting her interpretations with dreamy indigo colors and minimal lines. Delve into her dreamy world of ceramics, pins, and prints.

    5.  For the rebel with a cause: FeelGood Pajamas


    Can pajamas make you feel good? Yes, in more ways than one. Not just for some relaxing beauty sleep, but also for helping underprivileged children and teachers get the education they deserve. Tess, FeelGood Founder, connects New York to Bali while sharing stories of women empowerment, purpose, and sustainability along the way. Her pajamas are made exclusively in Bali by superwomen from deliciously soft sustainable fabrics, and are designed to turn sleepwear into streetwear. But why pajamas? “Because pajamas are a happy place.” Can't agree more, Tess!

    6. For those who love birthdays and bling: birthstone jewelry

    If you love sparkly objects, colorful magic, and the phenomenon that is your own birth (hey, we love self-love!), getting birthstone jewelry could be the best thing you can do for yourself (or your significant other, or your friend, mom, get our drift.) Did you know? The January birthstone garnet helps detoxify and release negative energy; the December birthstone turquoise restores and puts you in balance; and the October birthstone tourmaline sends you off on creative journeys. Which month are you?

    7. For the super busy bee: time to slow down

    Does the year already feel like it's creeping up on you? Time is a fickle thing – the days can seem long, but the years sure move fast sometimes! So, we thought, why not give the gift of time? Okay, so it's a vague concept, but here are some ideas for presents that can bring one to the present (see what we did there?). A subscription to a meditation app likeHeadspace, lucky charms that canhelp you slow down andchill out, classes to help you be more present likeJulia Cameron's'The Artist's Way'(based on the book), aslow living retreat in the Mediterranean or Japan...or just actual time, your own time – a coffee date, a massage, or a phone chat. Sometimes the simplest things are the most special.

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