Diamond Slices vs Polished Diamonds

December 23, 2019

Did you grow up with the shining image of a round cut gemstone, refracting light, and looking absolutely breathtaking? Remember those cartoon characters wearing ridiculously large diamond rings and flaunting it? Or rom-com scenes where a diamond ring is presented so enticingly in a velvet box as decadent as the ring?

It was a revelation when I came across my first diamond slice. I still remember sitting in a little office in Bangkok, with two friendly Indian brothers (the diamond dealers) and a delicious Indian sandwich. I got to sort through a pile of slices and pick my favorites. They had so much character! They were so wild! To me they were a lot more beautiful than the classic, polished diamonds that made me not care much about diamonds before. 

My favorite thing about diamond slices are the stories you can coax out of each piece, and how deeply personal those stories can be. For instance, one diamond slice that is now long gone looked like a peaceful forest to me. Lush and wonderful, and untouched. Our client picked it out because it reminded her of playing with her kids. It was loud and happy, and it made her feel nostalgic. Isn’t that crazy the way things connect to us, depending on our own experiences.

Having said that, polished diamonds with inclusions are just as pretty. I’m forever crushing on our salt and pepper diamond rings. To the point that I’m simultaneously thrilled and upset when someone orders a salt and pepper diamond ring.

Salt & Pepper Rose Cut Pear Diamond

It’s hard to pick which one is the prettiest right?

At the end of the day, it’s about your personal preferences. I’ve always said that jewelry is as much about your heart as it is about the aesthetics. You might not like diamonds in general, but then a diamond slice might speak to you more than any other stones you’ve “met”.

Grey Borneo Diamond Ring in Rose Gold
Custom Diamond Slice Ring

I love my diamond slices just as much as I do my polished gems. They give off such different vibes. It’s a bit like playing costumes, I pick my jewelry combination depending on my mood. Sometimes it’s to fit my outfit, sometimes it’s to build an outfit around, sometimes it’s to lift my mood and make me feel more confident. 

What about you? How do you like your diamonds?

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