Diamond Slices vs Polished Diamonds

Updated 17 February 2021

Did you grow up with the shining image of a round cut gemstone, refracting light, and looking absolutely breathtaking? 

Remember those cartoon characters wearing ridiculously large diamond rings and flaunting it? 

Or rom-com scenes where a diamond ring is presented so enticingly in a velvet box as decadent as the ring?

The brilliant cut diamond is a stunning centerpiece, but diamond slices are that special something for the rebels out there. While they're not as well known as their polished counterpart, diamond slices have charms of their own.

What's a diamond slice (aside from possibly the greatest thing since sliced bread)? How did they come about? Are they good alternatives for an engagement or a wedding ring?

Diamond slices are thinly sliced sections of a diamond. Usually of large, highly included diamonds (yep, one more reason to love salt and pepper diamonds). They're sliced using a laser cutter, which then applies very shallow facets on one side for use in luxury jewelry as opposed to industrial use. 

Most diamond slices wouldn't grade well in traditional cuts, chosen for their exceptional natural patterns inside each raw diamond. An interpretation of beauty found in the imperfect, in organic shapes (as the original outline of the diamond remains intact) and outside of the standard beauty box. 

Ethical diamond ring

In diamond slices, inclusions are desired - celebrated even - rather than unwanted flaws. The more interesting the inclusions and their patterns, the higher the price. 

Unique, edgy and quirky, these diamonds are like no other. They're great alternatives for an engagement ring! They're definitely a head turner and will be conversation fodder for jewelry lovers. 

So how do they hold up to the classic polished diamonds? Let's take a closer look.

Diamond slices

Diamond slice
Salt and pepper diamond slice.
Ethical diamond slice ring.
The best thing about diamond slice - they're super distinctive. You might find similar patterns, but you won't find its exact copy anywhere. They also come in quirky irregular shapes, which ups their unique factor.

Diamond slices come in two looks; a thin, straight slice with a completely flat surface, or a thicker polki diamond, with a flat back and a lightly faceted top. The former may look a little dull depending on how even the surface is, and the latter will show more sparkle because of those small facets.  

They're still considered the new kid on the block, as they only entered the market in this millennium. You won't find these in the big box stores, and they haven't gained mainstream popularity yet. 

The good news is - now you're part of a special group of people who know of (and can appreciate) the awesomeness of the diamond slice. Let's get you further acquainted.


  • 100% unique and unlike any other diamond. Even if they come from the same raw diamond, each slice will tell a different story. 

  • Calling all science lovers - diamond slices are a clear sneak peek into the diamond's story. A cross section showcasing inclusions formed during the diamond's formation. 
  • There's just less waste! Whereas brilliant cut diamonds easily lose around 50% of their weight in the cutting process, a diamond slice celebrates the stone's shape and maximizes stone use. 
  • More finger coverage for your money. Since diamond slices are flat, you're not paying for the less visible parts of the diamond. A one carat diamond slice is humongous compared to a one carat brilliant cut diamond. 
  • Low profile! Diamond slices are great for women with an active lifestyle, who don't want a big diamond sticking out and snatching onto stuff. 


  • Diamond slices have to be set in a bezel setting, which is a blow for prong lovers (but it's also one less thing you have to think about, so sort of 'yay'?)
  • While diamonds are tough cookies, diamond slices are so thin they can chip or crack more easily than a polished diamond. 

  • Since they're not mainstream, you might have a harder time finding them (but don't worry, we definitely have them in stock!)

  • More trend sensitive than the polished diamond. 

Three different looks serveed up by sliced diamonds.

A laser cut diamond slice is a straight cut, while a lightly faceted diamond slice has slightly polished edges. A polki diamond can still be classified as a slice, although they're cut by hand and are a little thicker.

POlished Diamonds

A custom brilliant cut pear diamond for a custom ethical gold ring.
The shine of polished diamond rings will you waxing poetic over its beauty. Which diamond shape would you pick from our custom diamond ring collection to turn into your very own ethical dream ring? 

Diamonds always deserve capital letters, they're just that great. From admiring their salt and pepper inclusions, to finding out what the deal is with blue diamonds, to a quick intro of the charms of some lesser known diamond varieties (where we very lightly touched on diamond slices!) - it's no secret we love diamonds. 

Polished diamonds have been touted a girl's best friend for a verylong time. Their shine, their versatility in design, and their toughness has made them the darling of the industry. 

So how do polished diamonds compare to diamond slices? 


  • Cut and polished diamonds refract light and will give you the classic diamond glow. Those rainbow patterns on your walls when light catches a diamond? They're the polished diamond's forte. They're where diamonds really shine.
  • You're pretty spoiled for choice when it comes to the cuts for polished diamonds. They come in all sorts of shapes! You can check the full range of cuts that we hae on offer on our custom gold diamond page.

  • Can be set in a wide range of settings - think: your dream engagement ring. 


  • The price point for polished diamonds tends to be higher than sliced diamonds. With round brilliant cut diamonds snatching the crown for the most expensive diamond cut. 

  • The traditional diamond might not speak to your untraditional love story or personality. 

A rose cut diamond vs. a brilliant cut diamond. The generous facets of the rose cut gives you a gorgeous view inside the diamond while the more intricate facets of a brilliant cut helps refract light in dazzling ways. 

It’s hard to pick which one is the prettiest. Especially if you're a fan of diamonds and jewelry in general! At the end of the day, it’s about your personal preferences. Jewelry is as much about your heart as it is about aesthetics. That's why we want you to get to know diamonds better. We like giving you the option to fall in love. If you never thought you were a diamond kinda gal, diamond slices might change your heart. I know they did for me. 

Why not have a scroll through the many wonderful diamond shapes, sizes, and colors to see if any of them speak to you? You might soon find yourself customizing your own ring. Then you can throw up a social media post with the hashtag #myethicaldreamring and make everyone jealous ;)