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(Updated July 2022)

Are you the diamond 4eva kind of girl? I totally understand. Diamonds are intriguing.

They’re sparkly and pretty. Diamonds don’t just accept light, it gives light a polish, dresses it up in a glamorous outfit, and pushes it back out like fireworks. And by that I mean – the way diamonds refract rainbow-colored light is breathtaking (but those are boring words, and analogies are fun).

Diamonds are also the toughest rocks known to men. It’s so tough, it rates a 10 on the Mohs scale of hardness. It’s so tough, the word ‘diamond’ comes from a Greek word meaning ‘unbreakable’. It’s so tough, it should last that happily ever after it's meant for.

If the words Mohs scale of hardness threw you a little, don’t worry! I have answers for you. The tl:dr version is – the Mohs scale is the measurement used to determine a stone’s strength, and diamonds are way at the top, with a rating of 10 out of 10. Now, the Mohs scale isn’t the be all and end all of a stone’s strength, but it’s a good start!

But just because diamonds are popular, you don’t have to end up with a carbon copy of a gazillion other rings. Diamonds are so amazing, because there’s a variety for you to choose from if you’re ok with stepping away from the sparkling white and clear diamond cliche.  


Treated or not, colored diamonds are just fun. They have that classic diamond flirtation with light, but they also come with their own slice of personality. 

Colored diamonds are called fancy colored diamonds because naturally colored diamonds are way more rare than white diamonds. They also come in every color within the spectrum. From pink, blue, green, yellow, champagne, cognac to red, fancy diamonds can fetch higher prices. Out of all fancy diamonds, blue diamonds are the rarest and that’s why you’ll see prices for untreated blue diamonds skyrocketing off the chart!

Fancy diamonds are graded based on the intensity and depth of their color. The deeper and more vivid a fancy diamond is, the more expensive it’ll be.

Blue diamonds are extremely rare and we only have a few left in our stock! These mermaid blue beauties can be found only in Australia, South Africa, and India.

Blue diamonds are extremely rare and we only have a few left in our stock! These mermaid blue beauties can be found only in Australia, South Africa, and India.

‘To love and protect’ can be taken quite literally with shield cuts. My favorite thing about shield cuts are the unique takes gem cutters have on what it will look like. This champagne diamond is one of the warmest shades of diamond in our safe. Champagne colored diamonds are so understated! A hint of yellow can turn a plain-ole diamond into a flickering candlelight.


Included diamond rings are spicy and full of sass. Inclusions are traces of minerals and impurities stuck within the diamond’s structure, like a long extinct bee trapped in amber. Included diamonds are a piece of time, telling the stories of how and where they were formed. Don’t blame us if you can’t stop gazing at yours!

We love included diamonds so much, we wrote a whole blog post about it. Top it off with an unusual shape or cut, and your diamond gets a completely different character.

A touch of quirk, still very much grounded and a sprinkle of chic. A hexagon cut diamond has a touch of fashionably fabulous to it. It’s among our most requested diamond shapes. 

The soft curves of a pear cut gives these diamonds a romantic and feminine energy. They’re the confident belles of the ball and have been a top choice for Gardens of the Sun engagement rings for a few years in a row.

A classic touch with a thoroughly modern look. The rose cut is so good at showing off all the colors and inclusions! 


As the gateway to my current love of diamonds, diamond slices hold a very special place in my heart. They’re my go-to recommendation for people who want diamonds, but don’t love the idea of a perfect white diamond. Or for women who love low profile rings (so easy to love once you have babies). Or those who want to show off a large diamond on a small budget.

But wait. What are diamond slices again? The skinny: a slice of a rough diamond, giving you a full display of the diamond’s colors, textures and inclusions. Unlike brilliant cut diamonds, diamond slices aren’t made to bring out the most lightplay. It gives you the most finger coverage when you look at weight.  

So now that you’ve seen some more choices available – which diamond will be the centerpiece of your diamond ring? 

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