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Sunrise Gemstone Earring Bundle

Shades of Bali sunrise in these bundle of single earrings, curated with you in mind. All yours to mix and match.


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Sunrise Gemstone Earring Bundle 

From the scarlet garnet to the sunny citrine, these gemstone earrings capture the radiating warmth of Bali sunrise. No need to muddle on mixing and matching the right pair as we've handpicked these earrings into bundles!

Each bundle comes with sunrise colored single earrings.

Choose your look

Bundle A | 3 single earrings
Garnet and Heart Citrine Earring

Heart cut garnet and citrine, sourced from Madagascar and Brazil respectively. January and November birthstone.

Tourmaline, Garnet, and Citrine Dangling Earring

October, January, and November birthstone. Both the heart shaped tourmaline and round garnet were mined in Mozambique. The pear cut citrine comes from Brazil.

Marquise Citrine Earring

A November birthstone, this citrine was mined in Brazil.

Bundle B | 4 stud earrings
Disco Ball Lemon Quartz Earring

Lemon quartz from Brazil with disco ball cut.  

Double Garnet Earring 

January birthstone. The rhodolite garnet is from Mozambique and the smaller hessonite garnet is from Sri Lanka.

Spessartine Garnet Earring

January birthstone. The spessartine garnet is from Namibia.

Spessartine Garnet and Yellow Heart Tourmaline Earring

January & October birthstone. The fire mandarin orange garnet is from Namibia. The tourmaline was mined in Nigeria.

Recycled sterling silver

We use recycled silver from Umicore. This company is listed as a Conflict Free Smelter by the Responsible Minerals Initiative (RMA), Chain-of-Custody certified by the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC), and complies with the LBMA Responsible Ag Guidance. We opt for recycled silver as an interim solution while we look into setting up a traceable supply chain for artisanal, pollution free silver.

Style Tips

Match it, mix it, stack it, this bundle is all yours to play with and have fun with. Wear together with a checkerboard citrine necklace for a radiant look. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 137 reviews
Sarah W. (Ohio, United States)
The perfect shade of red!

I am in love! It's so bright and the perfect shade of red that I look for in a garnet. Definitely going to have to get the matching necklace!

C.V. (Bali, Indonesia)
We like the mismatched earrings!! <3

Besides the unconventional earring shapes out there, I decided to buy the mismatched bundle for my mom and my sis. To my expectation, they really like them! My mom who is in her fifties even likes the fact wearing the mismatch earrings.

Super happy! Thank you Gardens of the Sun team <3

Erica K.T. (Jakarta, Indonesia)
Love it and hv posted in my instastory

Unboxing was exciting. I love the color of the opal gem.

Devin W. (New Jersey, United States)

I love the beauty and creativity of these earrings. I wear them almost everyday. The garnet is a beautiful dark red, and I love the how comfortable they are.