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Citrine, Garnet and Peridot Dangling Earrings

You lay in the dark because you felt safe there. There, you couldn't see the bruises on your body. Couldn't tell the screams from the songs. But then she turned on the light. Not because she wanted to hurt you; because she wanted to save you. Because the dark only hides the bruises, it doesn't make them go away.


  • Recycled sterling silver 
  • Round citrine from Brazil - November birthstone
  • Hessonite garnet from Sri Lanka - January birthstone
  • Pear cut peridot from Pakistan - August birthstone
  • Sold as a single or a pair

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Citrine, Garnet and Peridot Earrings

Fresh autumn vibes. These dangling earrings features a round citrine, a tiny orange hessonite garnet and a pear cut peridot.

Your citrine, garnet, and peridot dangling earrings will look similar to the photos. 


Citrine is a November birthstone. The zest that brightens up your day. Citrine sparkles yellow with health and abundance. It’s yellow, it’s bright, it’s full of life. It understands and appreciates the art of living, that it is full of prosperity, joy,  and everything in between. 


Garnet is a January birthstone. It's a symbol of self love and fertility, said to give protection against bad dreams and crazy exes. A pick-me-up while PMS-ing or those days when the dark force is too strong to handle when you need a little extra love poured into your heart chakra.


Peridot is an August birthstone. The epitome of the warm August summer, peridot is a remarkable gemstone with remarkable roots. Its basic form, the olivine, originates from meteorites and comets formed billions of years ago.

With the sun as its energy source, its luscious green color is scintillating and brimming with life. This gemstone has been said to drive away dark forces. Use the peridot as a talisman, protection for you and your loved ones against the Evil Eye.

Recycled sterling silver

We use recycled silver from Umicore. This company is listed as a Conflict Free Smelter by the Responsible Minerals Initiative (RMA), Chain-of-Custody certified by the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC), and complies with the LBMA Responsible Ag Guidance. We opt for recycled silver as an interim solution while we look into setting up a traceable supply chain for artisanal, pollution free silver.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 7 reviews
    R.Elizabeth (Hawaii, United States)
    Grown Up Jewelry

    I picked up my ring from DHL today and was blown away by the care and detail just with the packaging! That ring box is gorgeous! The ring itself is everything I wanted from the dainty cuts of the gems, the shades of purple (my favorite color), to the sizing. It fits perfectly on my middle finger on my left hand. I have been following Gardens of the Sun for years on Instagram, but I wasn’t able to justify such a treat before. Now I can have an elegant ring as a gift to myself for my birthday.

    Linda C. (British Columbia, Canada)

    These are really beautiful earrings. Just the perfect size. And the Amethyst are so sparkly!!!!

    Angel S. (California, United States)

    Such a unique and overall nice quality piece. I have been fond of this jeweler for years and all of my pieces from here get so many compliments. The price is so fair for the quality and appearance of the jewelry and it feels good to know I’m putting my money into a company that supports causes that are important to me. Never stop doing what you’re doing!!

    Yasmin A.
    My Sister and I love 'em!

    We've been wanting to have matching rings that represent our sisterhood. The moment I laid my eyes upon the rings, I knew that the ring is definitely that. The color arrangement is very vibrant and it looks so different from any other ordinary ring.

    (Plus the delivery is super quick! Shoutout to the girls for helping me.)