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(Updated May 2022)

DESIGN Your Dream Ring

(and I’m not just talking about engagement rings!)

Here’s the problem with engagement rings: you gotta wait for your special someone to fall on one knee (argh!). But what if… you just wanna skip to the good part? 

What if you want your dream ring now? What if you’re reaching an important milestone in your life and you want to celebrate? And I’m not talking about getting married! I’m talking about monumental moments like welcoming an empty nest and the new chapter that follows. Getting out of an abusive relationship. Nailing that business deal. Celebrating your off-the-beaten path, RV-living life.  

Rings can be an incredible memento, especially if they’re ethical rings. They last a lifetime. They’re pieces of wearable art. There are endless variations of gemstones to play with. You get to wear it and see it all the time. They make you feelspecial. Big feels.

We’ve designed rings for people who've lost their furry BFF, a mom bursting with love for her four kids, and many more.

This is the ring for you singles, moms, grandmas, those choosing to love themselves first, and those with stories to tell and remember. 

Whether you:

  • Know exactly what you want, but can’t find it

  • Are fed up with the big box stores and their mass produced jewelry

  • Can’t find your size

  • Want to avoid blood diamonds

  • Want clean gold or recycled silver

  • Want carbon neutral jewelry

  • Want handmade and one of a kind

Or simply can’t find anything that’s, well, you…

A custom ring is basically a statement of love. And that love is however you want to define it! 

Imagine a ring designed and made just for you. It’s not off the shelves. It’s brimming with your favorite colors. And it speaks to you, with a big volume. 

So where do we start? 

Hmm… but why do I need a custom ring? What is it exactly? 

A custom ring is a ring made for you from scratch. It’s a special kind of story. Filled with personal anecdotes and special messages transforming a simple ring into a love letter, a memory keeper, a testament to a moment in your life. A custom ring is personal in ways a ready-made ring can’t be.

Okay, but how do I even begin with a custom design ring? (Do I need to know gemology 101?) 

Absolutely not! Instead, think of who you’re making this for. This is the best jumping off point. Think of the person who’ll wear this ring. Close your eyes and think of their overall personality. Write those words down! Is she/he nice, kind, quirky, mysterious, gentle, mischievous, fun, broody…? Keep these in mind as you craft your story! You’d find the adjectives a big help when designing a custom ring. 

Why choose Gardens of the Sun for a custom ring?

We have a big library of gemstones! Love citrine, kornerupine, and opal together? Yes please! Add multiple birthstones into the design like no problem. Other than diamonds and sapphires, we also have lesser known birthstones like peridot, spinel, and topaz. Plus - we can trace our gold and gemstones to its origin country. In fact, all of our gold jewelry uses 100% traceable gold from Borneo. Here’s the full story.  

Is it only for engagement rings? 

This is the first (and foremost) myth we’ll bust! Here are a few scenarios where we think a custom ring is possible: 

  • Getting your Master’s degree

  • Turning 40 or 50

  • A memento or mourning ring for your passing loved one

  • Entering a new chapter in life

  • To mark your love for the mountains

  • Surviving your first year in business

  • Celebrating motherhood

In other words: there’s no need to fall on one knee for a custom made ring! You can have a custom made ring just for fun! 

But how much does it cost? Isn't a custom ring expensive?

Good news is our custom birthstone ring in silver starts at $79. If you want to add a birthstone, each additional one will cost you $20. Gold has a higher price point. Our tip is to set aside a budget in mind and let us know upfront. We’ll design you something within your price range. 

Why does it take 6 to 9 weeks for silver jewelry and 8 to 12 weeks for gold jewelry? 

What’s the custom design process like?

This period consists of (roughly): 1 week for mock up, 4-8 weeks for production and quality control, 1 week for diamond setting, 1 week for engraving, 1 week for rhodium plating white gold, 1 week for confirming with you it’s your dream ring, and 1 week for shipping. 

As soon as we receive your order, we’ll send you a personal email with design confirmation. By request, we can give you up to 3 mockups or sketches of your dream ring. This is your chance to comment and make changes before we send it to production. 

How elaborate can I be when designing my custom ring? 

Thankfully, at Gardens of the Sun, we have a team of designers and skillful metalsmiths to help you build basically any design you have in mind. (A metal ring in the shape of a house? Yup.) But don’t worry about a final design just yet. As a starting point, think of the basic foundation of the ring. 

These are:  

  • Metal

    Is it gold or silver? Yellow gold, rose gold or white gold? Straight or curvy band?

  • Stone color and shape

    Pink or green tourmaline? A round shape or asymmetrical? 

  • Band

    D-shaped or round shape? 

Whether it’s silver or gold, you can bet we’ll give you ethical pieces. We use recycled silver for our silver jewelry, and fully traceable, responsible and mercury free gold straight from the heart of Borneo. We plant 5 trees for every piece of jewelry you purchase, and calculate and offset our carbon emissions (both direct and indirect) every year. You can read more about our ethics and sustainability in our annual Impact Report.

So take a deep breath. This is where the fun is! If you’re feeling overwhelmed, read this super helpful basic guide as a starter. 

What if I don’t have any design ideas? 

Not a problem at all! This is what we’re here for. Just give us a few keywords, birth months or milestone months, or sum up your ring in a sentence. Then we'll get back to you with a few design options. 

What if I want a birthstone ring with more than one gemstone? 

Yes, yes, yes! We love our multi birthstone rings! The more gemstones you have, the more you can create a story out of it. Think of it like Lego pieces to build a little city or a story of someone you love. Plus, our birthstones come in a range of shapes and sizes. Cushion, pear, marquise, emerald. Lavender, light green, fuschia. We’ve made a ring which looks like a house and another like a dog’s paw. 

I have extra budget. What would be your best tip on how to spend it? 

We suggest you go for the unexpected twist or that little extra something. 

This can be:

  • Embedded stonesin the band.

    For our gold rings, we offer white diamonds or salt and pepper diamonds you can embed in the bands to help the main stone shine a little brighter.

  • Nesting ringsmade together with your main ring.

    They’re basically a detachable design element. You can create wildly different looks depending on whether the rings are worn stacked or separate, and based on how they curve. 

  • Velvet star ring boxto match your ring.

    Did you know we have more than 15 colors of velvet star ring boxes to choose from? If this is a gift, a matching velvet ring box is the cherry on top, the final touch which completes everything. 

Does it have to be a ring? 

Of course not! You can choose to build a statement jewelry piece as a necklace, birthstone, or earrings. The same design principle applies. So relax and go ahead, and build the jewelry of your dreams.