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Your lucky charms 

for the year of the Water Rabbit

Chinese New Year isn’t just a celebration, but a moment to welcome prosperous days ahead with various lucky foods. To match the vibe of the night, wear these gemstones to amplify your luck for the rest of the year. 

2023 is the Year of the Water Rabbit, representing hope. The Chinese New Year starts on 22 January 2023 and ends on 9 February 2024.

The Rabbit is a symbol of longevity, peace and prosperity in Chinese culture - a harbinger of tremendous luck and good fortune. Likewise, Rabbit years are believed to bring happiness, prosperity and a dash of luck. The Water Rabbit energy is expected to bring shower the world with new opportunities. 

Non-judgmental, empathic and open-minded, the rabbit is also alert, agile and resilient. Rabbits rarely let anything stand in their way. They’ll find their way over, around or under any of life’s roadblocks. In Chinese philosophy, rabbits are also a symbol of patience. So, bide your time until the moment is right to act in 2023, and you may well experience some lucky breaks! 

This year, tap into your personal power and confidence, and trust that like a rabbit, you can achieve your goals despite the challenges along the way. 

This is the year to bring your intellectual mind up front and center. Think: plenty of reading, taking a contemplative and introspective deep dive, replenishing your creative well, and starting new intellectual pursuits. Because rabbits, however tame and gentle they may seem, are calculated with their movements and can jump at exactly the right opportunity.

Plus, we’re still swimming through the water cycle and rabbits are the only animal associated with the Goddess of the Moon. Talk about forces of beauty and femininity aligning this year! 

Let’s hope to it. 

There’s power in wearing the right gemstone to keep attracting goodness into your life. So take advantage of your skills (and luck!) as you enter the Year of the Water Rabbit.

Red is always favored for ushering in the Chinese New Year. It’s said the yang chi of the color red gets activated, attracting good fortune. Aside from the lucky color red, 2023’s lucky colors are neutrals, soothing blues and raspberry blush.

Depending on where you’re at in life, different gemstones can amplify your luck factor. These are the 2023 lucky charms. Which one do you vibe with most?  

How would we start the Year of the Rabbit without any bunny jewelry? Gathering luck depends on having a clear vision for the near and future - all the good and the bad. Lucky for you, rabbits have a keen pair of eyes and clever ways to handle tough situations.

  • Gemstones:

  • Lucky charm for: 

    • turning uncertainties into opportunities 

    • manifesting that promotion you’ve been longing for

    • bigger picture thinking

The Chinese knot is a decorative element used to mark important celebrations. Created by a single thread, the knot is believed to bring longevity, blessings and joy. Sometimes hung at the front door, Chinese knots are talismans to ward off evil spirits and welcome good energy.  

  • Gemstones:

  • Lucky charm for: 

    • maintaining friendships and family ties

    • turning your house into a home

    • empowering others who’ve been through the same struggle  

Three hessonite garnets represent three lucky Chinese coins, an element of Feng Shui, meant to attract wealth. The Chinese coins are sometimes tied together with red ribbon to symbolize vitality, protection and energy. 

  • Gemstones:

  • Lucky charm for: 

    • mastering the art of persuasion 

    • taking an unusual path to escape a creative rut 

    • taking risks with confidence


The Ruby Coin Pendant

For a simple lucky charm, this Chinese coin is enough to work wonders. The foundation to many auspicious ornaments and once actually used for transactions. Traditionally, Chinese coins have a square opening representing the Earth and have four characters inscribed on one side of the coin and two on the other side. Coins symbolize good fortune and prosperity.

  • Gemstones:

  • Lucky charm for: 

    • having an open-mind to learn ancient wisdom 

    • taking pride in your skin color, eyes and lips 

    • rewriting your life’s narrative in a more positive light 

Birds are said to be messengers that connect Heaven and Earth. They are powerful symbols often found as embellishments in ancient Chinese palaces. But they’re not just noble beings, they’re also a mighty force, as seen from the phoenix, who arise from the ashes. 

  • Gemstones:

  • Lucky charm for: 

    • making lives from your own ashes, like a phoenix

    • using freedom for good cause

    • bringing wisdom into the smallest details in your life 

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