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The wedding bells have quietened, and your honeymoon photos are framed in the hallway, over the fireplace or along the stairs. 

One year, two years, ten years has gone by. Life happens, and you’ve seen the different faces and phases of love. It unfolded and transformed. And yet you’re still discovering new things.

Like diamonds that grow under the earth’s skin with time and pressure, your love is growing stronger still. You find yourself looking for ways to celebrate and appreciate the milestones that you’ve passed.

You could always go the traditional route – paper for the first anniversary, cotton for the second, etc. but getting creative with your gifts can be a lot of fun. 

A paper trail of ‘I love you’ post-its in unexpected spots around your home, or matching cotton outfits for a romantic picnic in the park.

But sometimes, anniversaries represent achievements you want to commemorate in a more lasting way. Something to accompany you throughout the years as a reminder that ‘we made it through, and we’re stronger now’. 

We have a few ideas for you to check out!

1st year anniversary - Gold

Custom ethical gold ring

1. Rough Opal Ring with Hidden Gems in rose gold

2. Custom Mermaid Kornerupine in yellow eco-gold with custom nesting band

3. Custom Birthstone Ring in eco gold

4. Moss Aquamarine and Diamond in yellow eco-gold

You don’t have to wait till your 50th anniversary to get something gold. The first year can be a tough one to navigate, and a gift in gold to celebrate this tumultuous first year can last you all the way to the real Gold Anniversary. 

One way of making it more special is by choosing our ethical gold. Panned by hand by indigenous women miners in Central Kalimantan using low impact mining methods. This gold comes with impact.

Custom ethical gold ring

You can make an extra special custom ethical gold ring using stones that have special meaning to you with the Custom Birthstone Ring in Gold.


A passion-filled year much like the fierce glow of garnet. You’re finding your groove in your second year, and starting to enjoy this well-coordinated dance that never ends. 

Love enjoys knowing everything about you, but desire needs a hint of mystery. Not everything needs to be revealed. 

Garnet empowers you from deep within your belly to the soles of your feet, and ups the ante with a fresh injection of passion.

Custom ethical gold garnet ring, January birthstone
Garnet is also the January birthstone, and they come in a variety of colors. Pick your favorite garnet as the centerpiece to your Custom Garnetethical gold ring.


Pearls are the gems of the sea. A gem that doesn’t need any cutting or polishing, making it the perfect metaphor for your life together. 

Beautiful in all its forms, even as it grows inside its snug cocoon. You're both transforming and your love is maturing. And like the pearl that grows with time, your relationship is slowly evolving into something more.

Ethical gold pearl ring

This gold Pearl Ring with Hidden Gems comes in yellow gold rose gold, and white gold.  Which color metal would you choose for your ring?


Custom ethical gold topaz ring
Topaz comes in an array of breathtaking colors, check out our Custom Topaz Ring, annd pick out your favorite stone.

You’re beginning to really feel the quiet joys of sharing your life together. To wake up every morning by their side, to feel that delightful sense of vulnerability that makes you stronger. You’re a lucky one to experience love like this. 

To celebrate this year of settling in and settling down, choose the soft gaze of Topaz, the stone of peacefulness and generosity. A stone of joy.

Custom ethical gold topaz ring

This ethical gold ring is a Custom Topaz Ring in white gold, and features ethical diamonds embedded in the band.

5th YEAR ANNIVERSARY - sapphire

Unexpectedly strong (second only to diamonds in hardness) sapphires are the epitome of quiet strength. 

A stone that represents wisdom, loyalty, and faith, the sapphire is a promise unspoken for you and your partner. 

Your marriage is at its peak of magic. You’ve arrived at that newfound sweet spot of love - the power couple that embodies #couplegoals.

Ethical gold sapphire ring

We have a limited amount of ethically sourced sapphires left in our Custom Borneo Sapphire Ring inn eco gold from our ongoing project to responsibly source sapphires and rubies directly from indigenous miners.

10th YEAR ANNIVERSARY - diamond

Your marriage kicks into the double digits. A time for looking back, and looking forward. Take this year not just to celebrate, but also to delight in the moments and reflections (preferably over some luscious dark chocolates for two!). 

Thank yourselves, and thank each other. Reflect on your personhood and togetherness, now and then. This is the night for openness, vulnerability, and celebrating imperfections.

Ethical diamonds make this the ultimate ethical gold ring

This Pear Diamond and Spinel Ring Set in eco gold is a stunning statement stacking ring set. The ethical diamond was purchased from legitimate sources not involved in funding conflict and in compliance with United Nations resolutions, and are mined in accordance with the Kimberley Process.

15th YEAR ANNIVERSARY - Amethyst

Custom amethyst ethical gold ring
Amethyst is also the birthstone for thosse born in February. They come in a variey of purple colors and is the sister stone to citrines! Which stone would you pick out for your own Custom Amethyst Ring in eco gold?

The joyous declaration of "just married!" never went away. The 15th year of marriage should commemorate the strength, courage, and resilience you have towards the love of your life. 

Fifteen years means your marriage is in its teens! And with all the turbulence, excitement, and surprises, be like the amethyst whose warm glow reminds you of the power of love.

Our amethyst hidden gems ring features rough amethyst stones, and are available in fine silver as well as eco gold.

20th YEAR ANNIVERSARY - emerald

Custom ethical gold emerald ring

The cut of the gemstone can create different looks anndd vibes, which cut would you pick for your Custom Emerald Ring in eco gold?

Pour a lot of wine and give yourself and your partner a high-five (or ten!). The lush green hues of the emerald were once so popular amongst noblemen and royalty. 

Celebrate like the monarchs that you are for conquering two decades together. A stone of prosperity and success - the perfect gem to celebrate your anniversary. 

To another 20 years and beyond! 

Custom ethical gold ring

You can combine emerald with other gemstones with our Custom Birthstone Ring in eco gold to celebrate other milestones, or to combine it with your birthstone rings.

One thing’s for sure, planning a present can be as fun as getting one. Especially if you decide to customize a ring for your partner, infused with all the details that make your journey so special to you. To make this surprise a little easier, check out our guide on how to custom build your very own ethical gold ring, or give our customer service rockstars a shout for help!

You can also choose other gemstones to celebrate your anniversaries. Check out our other custom gold gemstone rings and see if any of them can assist you in showing your love!