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➔ Looking for lucky charms for 2023? Check out the lucky charms for the year of the water rabbit here. 

Those celebrating know how much Chinese New Year’s Eve dinners are layered with symbolism for making the right beginnings. And I’m not just talking about the lucky food - but the power of wearing the right gemstone to keep attracting goodness into your life. 

The lucky colors for 2022 are based on the four elements of Feng Shui. Cerulean blue (water, element of 2022), fiery red (fire), mint green (wood, the primary element of the tiger) and imperial yellow (earth) are balanced by silver (metal). 

Red is always favored for ushering in the Chinese New Year. It’s said that the yang chi of the color red gets activated, attracting good fortune!

Welcoming Water Tiger into the night sky, Chinese New Year 2022 is all about creativity and innovation. The intuitive Water Tiger welcomes visions in their dreams, bearing ideas that demand flexibility and fluid thinking. Breaking away from the constraints of the Metal Ox (which excels at data and building a strong foundation), this year is an opportunity to try something outrageously out of the box and ‘so not you’. In short: go out and surprise yourself. 

Depending on where you’re at in life, different gemstones can amplify your luck factor. We’ve listed the 2022 lucky gemstones below. Which one do you vibe with most?  

This Indian garnet is the fiercest red we could find. The vigor and vitality and hard loving of the tiger. 

Lucky charm for: 

  • Deflecting the all-hated question of ‘when are you gonna get married’ with empathy and grace

  • Getting your groove back at age 30 or beyond, because there’s no age cap for living to the fullest

  • Living in eudaimonia, redefining the meaning of ‘success’ and ‘prosperity’ according to your values 

Turquoise is a truth seeker. This travelling gemstone has been around the block and back, and carries with it human’s secret recipe to success: balance. 

Lucky charm for:

  • Manifesting the power of handling tough questions at the Chinese New Year’s dinner table (that happens) 

  • For those who believe in the power of speaking up 

Kyanite is a stone to help you in the communication department. It soothes down as much as it strengthens your gut to say it as it is, no sugarcoating. It’s especially useful to be gentle (and honest) in tough conversations (like during a family dinner). 

Lucky charm for:

  • For those choosing to not ride the relationship escalator - who choose not to get married, or have a baby 

  • Managing a family business 

The color of courage, this garnet nesting ring is like a hammock for creative minds. It knows when to put the head down and when to pack up for the next ventures. It’s a powerful stone for anyone who needs a hand to manage the raging creative side within them.

Lucky charm for:

  • Creatives who need space to tap into their creative flow

  • Lady bosses killing it in her startup career 

Emerald is a stone for royals, including those with royal hearts, like teachers, social workers, or non-profit directors who pour their heart out for others. For these underdogs, there’s just no beating around the bush when it comes to fixing the broken system.

Lucky charm for:

  • Teachers, social workers, writers, artists, and anyone else needing to convince their parents they’re living a good life 

  • Manifesting abundance 

  • Drawing strength to handle nasty gossip, to stay grounded even when you feel misunderstood, and to accept problems rather than avoiding them 

For those who’d benefit from humor and being the center of a joke because it’s the only way to face the truth, this lighthearted stone will crack open heavy hearts. They say peridot is a piece of meteorite and being an otherworldly character, this stone helps you to see the world from different angles and unveil new perspectives. 

Lucky charm for:

  • Those who need help seeing the opportunities and silver linings  

  • Your younger sister or niece who needs a break from exams and stress

The highest gems of gems, sapphire and ruby (both basically the same stone, just two different colors) are on the top of the bunch. They’re the perfect gems for those forging new paths, leading the way for new innovations, and transforming everyday lives. The oddball in the family, with wild ideas no one believed in, nevertheless persisting to stand up for what they believe in.  

Lucky charm for:

  • Those striving to gain their parents’ trust - that despite your unusual career path, you’re in full control of your own destiny 

  • Gathering the courage to be the oddball in the family 

The right gemstones can round up your evening. And for this auspicious night, there’s no better moment to wear the gemstones bringing you the most luck! 

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